The Surrealists and the Anteaters

Salvador Dali is photographed emerging from the subway with his Giant Anteater in Paris, 1969 (Photographer unknown – if you know, please tell me).

Salvador Dali appeared on the Dick Cavett show and placed a small anteater in Lillian Gish’s lap.

André Breton was known as “The Anteater” (Great handle. Were surrealists the original street artists?) and wrote a poem called “After the Giant Anteater” in 1931.

The word “anteater” appears only in the title of Breton’s poem.

Salvador Dali appears in the Wikipedia entry for the Giant Anteater.

Years after Breton’s poem, Dali started sketching anteaters. He dedicated one sketch to Breton, who turned it into a series of book plates for his library.

Those book plates are rumored to have popped up on ebay in 2009.

Ain’t the world a place?

Dali's bookplate, in "Salvador Dalí: The Construction of the Image, 1925-1930." Fèlix Fanés, Yale University Press.

Dali’s bookplate, in “Salvador Dalí: The Construction of the Image, 1925-1930.” Fèlix Fanés, Yale University Press 2007.

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