Is there anything more exciting than a new artist? I think not. I’m proud to introduce Boston’s newest photographer – Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas – and her debut series, RED LINE T.

RED LINE T is a look at how we get from here to there – and what we do when we think no one is looking. From covert glances at iPods and Kindles to frustrated faces and cat naps, we show a whole lot of ourselves on the subway. Scroll down to learn more about Marselle, and catch a sneak peek at RED LINE T, showing open-house style in Cambridge September 29th and 30th ONLY.

Like what you see? Send a note, or call Marselle at 443-695-3058 for all the details on the open house.

So. Where are you now, what are you doing, and who are you with?
Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas: It’s 9:08pm on a Monday, I’m with my boyfriend in our Cambridge apartment, listening to Air France (described on the Wiki as ‘post-rave bliss’, ‘beach foam pop’, and ‘Balearic disco’) followed by Chinese Bamboo Flute, drinking Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale and Paulo Santo Marron, admiring my life.

What inspires you?
The industrial cityscapes of post-industrial economies

Tell me about RED LINE T.
It captures people embarking on the mundane and un-relished voyage from here to there; masking, posturing, resting, filling the time in various degrees of comfort or discomfort, urgency or disinterest.

I hear this is your first show. How did it all come about?
My T series began by accident and from compulsion. For a year and a half I found those rides-cum-photo shoots to be satisfying and exhilarating, then all of a sudden it was my ‘project’. I went from announcing this ironically to declaring it affirmatively. I spent hours and days culling the film and planning a display, receiving reactions from enthused and chagrinned acquaintances, and appreciating the range of responses and interpretations to a compendium I quickly realized I had grown rather passionate about.

Regarding this work, I call it post-spiration because I identified with these artists only when my project was near completion: Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Walker Evans, Mabel Dwight, Joeri Bosma, local artist Dan Feldman. Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed a sense of originality afforded only by ignorance; when my exhibit is over I will finally review the results of a Google image search for ‘subway photographer.’

Think she’s reading 50 Shades of Grey?

Y&P: What are you most looking forward to right now?
Fall harvest.

Best concert you’ve seen?
Ghostland Observatory in a vastly under-populated Boston House of Blues.

What’s next for you? Green line? The Ducks? Amtrak?
Maybe a portrait series with friends. I also have something in mind that combines a passion for food with my appreciation of the banal…it won’t be an attempt to capture what I just cooked/ate/drooled over.

Kale. Discuss.
Superfood fit for a morning smoothie; object of my desires.

What’s your favorite medium? Are you sold on photography?
Photography is a long-standing interest but not something I’m trained in, nor do I have any level of proficiency – I have long admired this medium from the bench. I’ve put a tremendous amount of myself into producing this exhibit and I am enormously proud and excited about it, but I’m not sure if the flame will continue. I need to get back to working on my pool game!

Write me a haiku.
I found you lovely
Stole your picture unaware
Please do not sue me

Anyone you’d like to confess your love to?
Is it too maudlin to say ‘each subject of this exhibit’? The existential corner of my heart melts a bit when I look at their photos.

What’s your favorite thing? Do you own it?
Mundane: fantastic spandex, commercial-grade blender; yes. Sublime: a high-design Danish modern chair, outdoor living space; no.

Huge congrats to Marselle on her first show – anyone in the Cambridge area should really turn up and see it!

Send a note,or call Marselle at 443-695-3058 for all the details on the open house.

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