The Garden of MY Mind..

Mr. Rogers went posthumously viral over the weekend. Between Downton Abbey and “Garden of Your Mind,” PBS is having one heck of a renaissance in my silly little life. So come join me in the Neighborhood of Make Believe, and raise a glass to Mr. Rogers, Neighbor Aber, Lady Aberlin, Bob Dog, Cornflake S. Pecially, Cousin Mary Owl, Dr. Duckbill, Harriett Elizabeth Cow, Hula Mouse, King Friday, Purple Panda, and Queen Sara.

Do you ever imagine things?
Are they scary things?

I’m a 20-something amongst 20-somethings in a Big City. They’re ALL scary things. Heck, WE’RE all scary things…

Do you ever imagine things?
Things you’d like to have?

All of the things. I should buy a boat.

Do you ever see a cats eyes in the dark and wonder what they were?

Cats are the WORST.

Do you ever pretend about things like that before? (Do you ever pretend about things like that?)
Did you ever grow anything in your garden of your mind? (In your garden of your mind?)

As long as my net worth remains massively negative, it’s all in the garden of my mind. Big. Big. Garden. So much weeding to do.

You can grow ideas in your garden of your mind
(In your garden of your mind?)

It’s good to be curious about many things.
You can think about things and make believe
All you have to do is think and they’ll grow.


Imagine every person that you see is somewhat different from every other person in the world.
Some can do something (Some can do something)
Some can do others (Some can do others)
Did you ever think about the many things you learned to do

I have something of value to offer. I do. Maybe more than one something. Maybe that strung out hipster on the 66 bus does too. Mind. Blown.

Did you feel like going like that (finger snap)

Damn right I do.

Lets give the fish some food.

By fish, you mean society, don’t you. Yeah you do.

Mr. McFeely
I didn’t order any whistles.

Surprise whistle present OMG!!

There are so many things to learn about in this world
And there are some many people who can help us learn

I’m ready and waiting here. Help me learn, world. HELP.

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