Jordan Matter for Paul Taylor Dance Company

An Interview With Jordan Matter

***UPDATE: Jordan Matter’s Dancers Among Us is now available in bookstores! Matter’s maiden voyage has already hit #1 on Reddit, #58 on Amazon, and popped up on nearly every major news outlet. And no, we’re not surprised at all. Congratulations, Jordan!***

“I feel so lucky – I look around me and there are so few people who are truly completely thrilled with what they do. The lesson I’ve learned is to not be satisfied until you find the thing that makes you get up in the morning.”

Recently, I was lucky enough to catch up with photographer Jordan Matter. The last year found him all over the country working on his flagship project, Dancers Among Us. Capturing prima ballerinas in trees, virtuosos on escalators, pas de deuxs in the rain, pliés on the subway: “In everything I do, there’s a sense of spontaneity and a reliance on serendipity.”

While in Princeton, NJ shooting the US Women’s National Rowing Team last spring, Jordan took to twitter. Suddenly, he had four dancers ready to work with him.

Not long after, over 50 dancers turned up for him in Chicago – “and that was just from a couple of twitter posts!”

Dancers Among Us scored a publishing deal, and the book is due to hit stores in Spring 2013 – but Jordan isn’t stopping there. “I’m not done with this when I’m done with the book. There are a lot more images I hope to use and places I’d like to see.”

What are your hopes for your first book?
“I hope the book will make dance more appealing to those who aren’t so interested in it now – that they’ll see it as real life.”

Who’s your dream photo shoot?
“Baryshnikov and Natalie Portman.”

Best advice you ever received?
“You’re going to spend 40+ hours a week at work – if you don’t love it, you’re wasting your life.”

So what’s next for you?
“I have an idea…but I can’t say.”

Any plans to come to Boston? We have a great ballet…
“Yeah – I think a day trip to Boston would be a good idea, don’t you?”

Absolutely, Jordan! Come on up.

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3 thoughts on “An Interview With Jordan Matter

  1. Whoa, beautiful photo! I am a WordPress photographer, so I really enjoy these posts. I actually had the privilege of meeting National Geographic Photographer Sam Abell a week ago, and was so thrilled that I wrote a post about it on my website. Great job on this!

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