Meet: ByoungHo Kim

38-year old Korean artist ByoungHo Kim makes sound sculptures. What’s a sound sculpture? It’s beautiful. It’s delicate. It’s functional. It’s sound. It’s light. Because there is no prescribed “purpose” to Kim’s pieces, they are classified as art. Using two nerd-approved techniques called piezo and arduino, Kim creates sculptures that, by their movements and shapes, emit and change sounds.

"Soft Crash" - aluminum, piezo, arduino / 330x330x165(d)cm, 2011

But Kim approaches his works like products. His planning phase is intense, and his sketches are more like architectural blueprints. These blueprints include every aspect of the piece – from wiring instructions to material specs. Once the sketch is complete, Kim sends it off for production.

"White Flowers" - steel, stainless steel, condenser microphone, piezo, mixer, amplifier / 120 x 80 x 180(h) cm - 2006

While there is a Duchampsian quality to his works, Kim identifies more closely with the Minimalists than the ready-mades.

"The Weight of the Accumulation" - ceramic, steel, piezo, arduino duemilanove / 220 x 140 x 40(d) cm, 200

Moon Hyejin describes Kim’s aesthetic as follows:
“As opposed to Duchamp, who raised questions purely at the conceptual level by ‘selecting’ and ‘naming’ manufactured goods and elevating them to works of art, the Minimalists chose a much more concrete and practical method. Here, the artist is neither a maker who directly brings the work into form, nor a namer who designates given objects as works of art; he is a director in charge who produces the idea and conducts the production process.”

"Radial Eruption" - aluminum, piezo, arduino / 140x160x160 cm - 2011

Hyejin’s critique is definitely worth a read. When you finish, spend some time scrolling through the rest of Kim’s media installations, sound sculptures, and performances at

"Their Flowers 48" - brass, condenser microphone, piezo, mixer, amplifier. dimensions variable - 2006 Venue: KunstDoc Gallery, Seoul, KOREA

"Their Flowers 12" - brass, piezo, microphone, microspeaker. dimensions variable - 2006 Venue: The Space Gallery, Seoul, KOREA

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