In Praise of: StreetPeeper

Hi, my name is blythebirde, I’m obsessed with Street Peeper, and my secret life mission is to wind up on the front page. Now that’s out in the open, let me show you why I can’t get enough.

Phil Oh is the man behind the camera for Street Peeper. You can find him on the sidewalks of fashionable spots the world over – Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, London, and of course, Manhattan. Oh launched Street Peeper in ’06 after a string of odd jobs (from novelist to party planner to waiter and back again). He spends half of the year on the road, capturing  and sharing what catches his eye.

While he does hit the standard fashion high points and features shots of faces you might recognize, he also roams the streets when cities are a little more buttoned down. In an interview with Nowness, Oh said,  “It’s easy to get great pictures during fashion week, but it’s not representative of what the style of a city is really like.”

Oh is particularly fond of individuals who mix the old with the new, the local with the global. He’s a self-effacing fashion outsider, claiming he just showed up to Fashion Week one year and started taking photos of people he thought, “looked cool.” Since then, hordes of other bloggers and photogs have caught on to what Oh saw –  “what goes on outside is also a fashion show in its own right.”

Regardless of crowding in the space, Oh’s take on the world is unique and appreciated by millions of spectators. Here’s an excerpt from his interview with Barney’s New York that sums his je ne sais quoi up nicely:

BNY: If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?

PO: I’d have on some combination of pastel Jil Sander and prints from Dries van Noten, a Junya Watanabe jacket, and I would swap out my lenses with Prism frames.  I’d light the place using theApothia Soul candles and keep a Nigel Cabourn raincoat around in case the sprinkler system went off.  The firefighters would find me asleep on top of a giant pile of Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweaters, cuddling with Christopher Raeburn‘s stuffed bunny rabbits dressed up in Swash scarves.

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