Jordan Matter for Team USA

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Last year, I stumbled upon Jordan Matter’s phenomenal project, Dancers Among Us. If you haven’t had the pleasure of perusing this collection yet… you are in for a treat.

After spending quite a lot of time immersed in these beautiful people doing beautiful things, it dawned on me that this Jordan Matter guy would be perfect for the Team USA Women’s Rowing annual calendar shoot.

The team produces its “Power + Grace” calendar every year and sells copies to raise money for Team USA.  Proceeds help keep the team fed, clothed, healthy, and at the start line on time.  So, I cold-called Mr. Matter in hopes of making a match.  Miraculously, he replied and expressed interest in the project!I connected him with Team USA, crossed my fingers… and something awesome happened.  Jordan Matter and his team showed up in Princeton, NJ to photograph Team USA (Read his thoughts on the experience at his blog).

They started with the sun, and by the end of the day, had a phenomenal set of photos to work with.

These women train six days a week, multiple times a day, for four straight years (at least) in hopes of landing a seat in a USA Olympic boat. Unfortunately, the budget for Team USA is stretched thin – there’s not much money in rowing for some reason I cannot understand.

Proceeds from the annual calendar help to close the gap between what the US Olympic Committee provides the team, and what’s actually needed to survive as a Team USA athlete.

Despite the long hours, the incredibly hard work, the isolation from friends and family, and the constant uncertainty, these women have made the choice to show up every morning and put themselves on the line for Team USA.  And, for some of them… it pays off in Olympic rings.

I still can’t believe this project came together – and can’t thank Jordan and his team enough for their willingness to participate.  The calendar is gorgeous – if you’re lucky, you might still be able to snag a copy HERE.

Here’s to you, Team USA and Jordan Matter!

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