Meet: Atelier Ten

I first came across London-based firm Atelier Ten in graduate school. Our newest, flashiest building had just opened and Atelier Ten, in close collaboration with Hopkins Architects and Centerbrook Architects, did the environmental engineering and design.

Kroon Hall - Hopkins Architects/Centerbrook Architects + Planners. New Haven, CT

Kroon Hall uses geothermal wells, high-efficiency air handling units, and displacement ventilation to distribute air evenly year round.

Atelier Ten defines itself as an environmental design consultancy and building services engineering group. Their focus is on high performance – and high design. Their weapons? Improved energy efficiency, water conservation, visual and thermal comfort, material selection and reduced carbon emissions. I like them because they take gorgeous spaces and turn them into sleek, impressive structures that nestle seamlessly, and even benefit, the natural spaces around them.

Alpine House, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK.

Low-iron glass allows maximum daylight transmission.

They’ve worked with some of the best architects to create some of the coolest spaces on the planet – from Singapore to London to Philly. Check out some of my favorites below, and visit their website for all the specs.

Federation Square, Lab + Bates Smart, Melbourne, Australia

A night shot of Federation Square.

Ashmolean Museum, Rick Mather Architects, Oxford, UK

Gardens by the Bay, Grant Associates/Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Singapore Bay Marina

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