Ikea has rad ads.

A sampling of some of the awesome ads Ikea has commissioned over the last few years. Someone over there has got an eye for design – and designers.

First, a piece by the super interesting Norwegian agency TRY/APT.  They’re probably best known for that awesome TV spot where a blonde woman wakes up in a trashed hotel room with a hazy recollection of the night before.  By the end of the spot, she learns she’s married to George Clooney.  Thank you, Norway! More on them, via the brand new FastCoCreate website here.  Now, back to Ikea.

1.  Ikea rhythm generator from TRY/APT.  In this feature, each Ikea product is paired with a sound and dance (choreographed by Erik Rulin) to show how the products work together.  Users can play around to create their own musical sequences:

2. Evelina Bratell + Carl Kleiner.  These two have teamed up twice for Ikea.  The pair are so good together, Trendland accidentally gave them the same last name in their lead-in:

Here are my favorites from their first collab for Ikea:

3. “Homemade is Best,” featuring visual recipes from Ikea’s cookbook.

(Check out more from the campaign here)

And, most recently…

4. Evelina Bratell + Carl Kleiner Part II: this series shows some different ways one might spend the kitchen budget you get when you buy a kitchen from Ikea.

5. Ikea Balcony: in 2009, Ikea Frankfurt commissioned Ogilvy Frankfurt (creative director Thomas Hofbeck) to outfit the front of an apartment building with Ikea storage boxes and drawers:

6. Ikea Staircase:

7. Train station: Ikea noticed the wall at Vienna’s South Station looked an awful lot like their EXPEDIT Rack, so they turned it into one:

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