Meet: Not Another Bill

The bills in my mailbox are among the least aesthetically pleasing items in my life.  Bills are degenerates, really – they ugly up the place, rough you up, freak you out, then make you give them money.  Plus, bills are predictable.  There is no joy to be had, no surprise to unwrap.  Waa.  Not to worry, oh hand wringers ye – Not Another Bill is here to save the day.

In the US, you can subscribe for one, three, or six months (UK residents 1, 3, 6 or 12 months).  Tell them whether you (or the lucky friend you’re gifting) are male or female and you’re all set.  Every month you get a quirky little cardboard package with a hand-selected item from some of the world’s most awesome (and often least known) vendors.  The best part?  When I e-mailed them to tell them how great they were, I got a thank-you response in less than half an hour.  Good folks, good stuff, good fun.

Here’s a look at some past items – vendors in the captions.  Take a look then scurry on over to Not Another Bill!

It's not another bill!




Merchant & Mills

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