Preserve Toothbrush

A Toothbrush Subscription

We’re a week into the new year  – do you know where your toothbrushes are coming from?!  If not, it’s time to sign up for Preserve Products‘ toothbrush subscription.  Select the hardness of the bristles and the color (or choose “?” to have them surprise you), and a shiny new toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups will arrive at your door ever one, two, or three months.

Preserve toothbrushes

The first comes in a travel case, and all the rest come in their postage paid recycling containers.  Just pop the old one in, tape it, and send it on its merry way back to Preserve for recycling and repurposing.  How does it work?  Preserve collects #5 plastics (in the US, check the bottom for recycling codes) from individuals and companies like perennial eco-warrior Stonyfield Farms through their “Gimme 5” program (get it?).  Then they sort it all out, clean it all up, and recycle it into everything from toothbrushes to razors to cups and tupperware.  Check out the stats:

Preserve stats

For more on where these numbers came from, click the infographic.

Plus, they’re nicely designed and have a good feel to them.  So go on and get ’em!

TupperwareKitchen suppliesCutting board

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