Todd Selby & Christine Sun Kim

Christine Sun Kim & Todd Selby

Here’s a Monday treat for you – cult fave Todd Selby (of The Selby is in Your Place) created the following short, which takes us into performance artist Christine Sun Kim’s world.  Kim was born deaf, but chose sound as her medium in 2008.  Watch her translate sound into movement, color, shape, and vision in her Brooklyn studio – and don’t miss her stunningly poignant and succinct reflections on her art, her life, and the world around her.

Christine Sun Kim - A Selby Film

Kim says…“It’s a lot more interesting to explore a medium that I don’t have direct access to and yet has the most direct connection to society at large.  Social norms surrounding sound are so deeply ingrained that, in a sense, our identities cannot be complete without it.”

Selby says… “Her work deals with reclaiming sound because it’s a foreign world to her and one she’s not comfortable in.  I wanted the film to act as an artistic conduit for her to tell her story to the world.”

What do you say?  My favorite part is the end credits.

Christine Sun Kim, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

More from Christine Sun Kim via NOWNESS.

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