Grove Macbook Back

Meet: Grove

I have a thing for wooden things.  I recently purchased a wooden honey spoon and bookmark because, well, they were wooden and pretty.

Honey spoon and bookmark from Harmony Potter

I also have a thing for electronics.  You don’t find much wood in electronics.  Why?  Well, some good reasons.  It’s imprecise in a way electronics don’t like to be.  It’s also pretty tough to manipulate down to the teensy sizes favored by most electronic-y things.  In a world of repetitive mass production at uber speeds, wood rarely makes the cut.

But when it does… oh isn’t it pretty.  My new favorite wooden things come from a neat little hipster den called Grove out in Portland.  They appear to be a band of merry revelers (be sure to check out the about page) beveling and sanding a line of ipad, iphone, and macbook cases primarily from bamboo.  Each week, they feature a designer and offer their stuff for $20 off – which helps, as it’s all a bit pricey.

Meet Grove

You can choose from one of their designs:

Grove Macbook Back

Or submit your own instead:

Custom options

In 4-6 weeks (takes awhile when you’re not outsourcing to some monster factory somewhere!) you’ll have a nice little conversation piece to call your very own.  And yes, people in line at Starbucks will ask you where you got it.

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