Look Up and Wonder

“You might well think,” says Gavin Pretor-Pinney, “that cloud collecting sounds like a ridiculous idea.”  And you might well be wrong.  He gave each type of cloud has a point value – and there are scorecards to tally up just how much your collection’s worth.

Here’s a taste of The Cloud Collector’s Handbook from Chronicle Books – available at Amazon.

The Cloud Collector's Handbook

There were always my favorite sort of cloud – they always pop in to hide mountains when they get shy.  I wish I had one to hide me when I get shy, too:

My favorite sort of cloud

Learning and collecting

These make me wish it would hurry up and get to summer, already:

Seaside clouds

How much are those clouds you saw from your office window while you waiting for Excel to force quit worth?


Maybe the suburbs aren’t so boring after all…  Pretor-Pinney is also the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, whose motto is, “Look Up and Wonder.”  Can’t you just see him sitting on that curb, taking in the wonder of it all?


Tally it up.

Tally it up

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