Whose Hair?

Christina Christoforou, a London-based illustrator and artist, was commissioned by the NYTimes to commemorate the rich and famous: political leaders, actors, singers, artists, rock stars, the lot. Her new book, “Whose Hair?” features the resulting 200 hand-drawn sketches.

The grey supernova

…Of hairstyles. No faces, no bodies, no clothing, no catch phrases. Just the cultish coifs of the folks we stare at day in and day out. None of the images are labeled – you have to flip to the back to find out who goes with which ‘do. The book is available for purchase through Laurence King publishing house, here.

Name that coif

Vanity Fair reviewed the collection today: “Among the gems in the collection are the sympathetic coifs of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan on facing pages, Simon Cowell’s improbable shrub, the dueling headbands of nineteen-seventies Bjorn Borg and nineteen-eighties Bruce Springsteen, and Al Pacino’s infamous “Scarface” Caesar. And, of course, there’s that gray supernova featured on the cover.”

I never noticed it before, but Russell Brand definitely pilfered the back half of his hair from Kate Goslin.

Who could that be...

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