Mitch Epstein’s “American Power”

Since 2003, Mitch Epstein has been capturing images that convey America’s complex relationship with energy.  From mattresses flung into trees in Biloxi, Mississippi to a looming nuclear cooling tower in Raymond, West Virginia, the collection gives you pause.  He was recently recognized by the Prix Pictet contest – rewarding powerful images of sustainability since 2008.

Biloxi, MS - Mitch Epstein

Raymond, WV - Mitch Epstein

His official site says American Power, examines how energy is produced and used in the American landscape. Made on forays to energy production sites and their environs, these pictures question the power of nature, government, corporations, and mass consumption in the United States.

See more, like “Family Business” and “The City,” at Mitch Epstein’s website.

Carson, CA - Mitch Epstein

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One thought on “Mitch Epstein’s “American Power”

  1. Mitch Epstein is absolutely one of my favorite photographers. I loved his work from India – but this seems even more appropriate for the world we currently live in. Inspiring. Love this post.

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