CTRLZAK’s D\ZEN Collection

CTRLZAK is an innovative art and design studio with locations in Italy and Greece.  They’ve got some pretty neat philosophies on space and objects:

“The organic structure of the studio is in constant motion; we operate on an international level in order to solve problems creatively mainly through art and design… With the use of semiotic tools within the creative process we propose forms which seek to surpass common aesthetic values working on a cognitive level. The concept behind each project is to inspire a responsible awareness through the ‘added value’ that art has for society with a special attention to issues of environmental impact.”


I’m particularly fond of D\ZEN, a furniture collection by CTRLZAK’s founding pair, Thanos Zakopoulos and Katia Meneghini.  The pieces followed an odd discovery near a Buddhist temple in the mountains: tiny sticks set under large boulders, ostensibly holding them up.  They describe the collection as:

“A project inspired by the spiritual and physical balance of Buddhist Zen practices. Archetypal forms that sustain objects and people, imperfect forms in perfect balance. The stick is man’s little touch, which supports nature but reminds us that everything is temporary.”

D\ZEN - all in balance

They also have projects inspired by medical objects, used furniture, and the historical production of Chinese and European porcelain.  See these and more at CTRLZAK.

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