Of Light

Light. It’s a many splendid thing. I already sang the praises of Mary Temple’s wispy wall works. And now, Ian Burns has rigged up a complicated matrix of light bulbs, wood, and angled magnifying glasses to paint an eerie path across the wall. Hanging at The Armory now, the projection reads, word by word, “still” “time” “to.”

He used filament bulbs that flick on organically in a sort of cascade, making it feel like you’re watching an invisible artist paint above you. Then you being to wonder: “still time to… what?” Click here to see video of the installation in action.

Ian Burns - "Pausations"

Then, I stumbled on Maximilian Winkel’s “Schattengewächs” (shadow plant) concepts. Not only are they pretty, innovative, and fun – but you can’t kill them! Here are the details, in Winkel’s words:

Winkel's "light plants."

“Schattengewächs grows and blossoms like its botanical relatives, but rather than absorbing sunlight it is powered by darkness. Only then does it start to grow and exude light, energy and freshness. By projecting light-based graphics in the shape of flowers, trees, insects or anything else you can imagine having in your flower pot.

Winkel's "light plants"

Schattengewächs translates the natural characteristics of the flower into pure light. It plays with the contrast between the real flower pot and the “artificial” light flower. Schattengewächs does not have a power switch; it is automatically turned on and slowly lit up thanks to a small photo sensor. It is powered either by four coin cells or by two contacts (anode and cathode) directly from the earth in the flower pot. The material of the pot is clay and the inner parts are injection molded from biological plastic.”

The rest of his work is worth a look too – he’s got a neat worldview.

Winkel's concept sketches

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