JAMES Terrariums

In Praise of: JAMES Modern

JAMES Terrariums

I’ve always wanted one of these.  Maybe two.  Feel free to purchase me one for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Tuesday…

JAMES Terrariums

Basic Idea: Jeffrey James creates earthy, hand-blown, bespoke terrariums for any space.  His website and blog chronicle both his evolution as a craftsmen, and the path each terrarium travels from sketched concept to visual focal point of its new home.  His terrariums are lurking in coffee shops, living rooms, bookstores, galleries, doctor’s offices, and studios all over the  country.  One even popped up in the latest Urban Outfitter’s catalog, facing a page of Oliver Twist inspired leather ankle boots.

JAMES Terrariums

Anywhere you set them, they are gorgeous.  Not to mention self-sustaining.  The process begins with a consultation to develop the shape and make-up of the terrarium.  Designs are carefully tailored to thrive in the unique air, moisture, and sun conditions of their space.  James then hand-blows the vessels to the client’s specifications, plants the terrariums, and observes the ecosystem for several weeks as it takes root.  Once the colony is established and thriving, he hands over the ecosystem to its new home.
JAMES Terrariums

Best Part: Each terrarium comes with custom instructions on how best to care for it.  Check out his gorgeous designs and learn more about the process at his website and cheerfully self-effacing blog.

JAMES Terrariums

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