Stay Young

Slate scribe Farhad Manjoo wittily chronicled a phenomenon I’d never even thought about: writing angry letters in response to pieces aired on NPR.  I don’t mean angry like, “I disagree with your viewpoint on Christianity in the Himalayas.”  I mean angry like calling a piece on the iPad “a foolish waste of time” and referring to blogging as, “another example of the slow decline of our once-educated society.”  I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that these letter writers are in steeper decline than society.

bahaha. Courtesy Slate.

Go comb through dozens of examples, highlighting exactly why NPR has to run such vigorously obnoxious fundraising drives, over at Slate. If you want more, all of the archives are available over at NPR. Yes all of them.  While you peruse the jaw-droppingly stodgy, imagine the old farts sitting at roll-top desks that weren’t purchased in antique stores, dipping their quill pins into a vat of ground mulberry ink.

Remember: stay young – listen to NPR all you want, but don’t write them angry letters.  Unless, of course, you disagree with their position on eco-tourism in Fiji and bottled water in Maine.  Then whatever.  Do your thing.

The Stodgy Olympics - Image from Slate

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