Manolo Blahnik

The Princess Fit

Forget being a Princess… I just want her shoes.  Five high-profile designers released their visions for Kate Middleton’s Westminster Abbey footwear – and described their intentions to Footwear Network.  Beauty abounds – and a bit of cruelty in soaring stilettos.  They’re all youthful and springy, dominated by light colors and delicate details.  Many incorporate elements of the UK – from spring flowers to Welsh lace.  There is a visible effort to blend old and new, tradition and vibrant futures – a beautiful modern Princess-to-be entering one of the world’s most storied royal families.  Quotes and images courtesy FN.

My favorite design by far is Manolo Blahnik’s.  Yes, those are tiny silk organza lily-of-the-valley blooms.  Yes, that pump colo(u)r is inspired by clotted cream.  Yes, you can commence drooling.  He says, “It represents springtime and everything fresh and new, which is what Kate Middleton is all about.”

Manolo Blahnik

Giuseppe Zanotti threw his hat in the ring with a black satin metal-tipped stiletto featuring an enormous sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  He says, “I wanted her shoes to match the classic and sophisticated elements of her ring, but with a younger, modern edge. Jewelry for the feet is my DNA, so designing for a princess comes very naturally.”  Fierce, indeed.

Giuseppe Zanotti
René Caovilla’s entry features white satin, marabou feathers, and Swarovski crystals in all the colors of the rainbow.  He says, “This shoe is fit for a princess because the sandal is elegant, sexy and precious, and it suggests a magical atmosphere.”

René Caovilla
Cesare Casadei submitted a silk pump (sensing a silk theme here?) with bejeweled straps and delicate embroidered flower detailing.  He says, “Kate reminds me of a 2011 Audrey Hepburn. … This elegant design is customized with embroidery and multishaped clear crystals, to create a waterfall of stones dancing down the foot. I can see Kate dancing all night in this ‘new tango’ heel.”

Cesare Casadei

Georgina Goodman, the only woman in the pack, produced the most thoughtful design.  She incorporated antique Welsh lace and Scottish seed pearls into a stunning pump.  The heel is also pearl-inspired.  She says, “I wanted to create something special with an intrinsic emotional value; something old and at the same time mirroring Kate’s fresh modernity. … I have aimed for a balance between history and femininity fitting the occasion; a kind of luxury recycling.”

Georgina Goodman

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