Wasps v. Beetles

STOP that copulation!  This is Wasps v. Beetles: The Battle for Earth.

Or the United States, at least.  The USDA is releasing another weapon against a sinister environmental foe: the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis or Agrilus marcopoli or King Crappius beetleus).  This rather charismatic little shit head likely arrived in shipping palates from China headed to Detroit in the early 1990s, and killed over 40 million ash trees.  With no natural predators, it’s incredibly tough to get rid of – and could cause $20 billion in damage over the next decade.  Here’s what it does to poor innocent trees:

Green ash killed by Emerald Ash Borer - Wiki image

Time and again, invasives have shown us that we reaaalllyy can’t hold a candle to ol’ Mother Nature.  Now, the USDA is releasing hundreds of thousands of terrifying parasitic wasps across the northern U.S. in hopes that they’ll go all freaky on the ash borers.

The wasps are now being released in Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio and will be released next year in Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  So… once they eat the ash borers, what do we do about the freaky parasitic wasps…?  Gulp.

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