Mary Temple, "Forest for the Sea"

Light & Pretty

It’s not a shadow.  It’s not even light.  It’s latex paint in the skilled hands of Mary Temple.  In “Extended Afternoon” and “Forest for the Sea,” she uses existing architecture, latex paint, wood stain, and varnish to cast artificial shadows and points of light.  “Afternoon” all takes place in one little self-contained house, while “Forest” (featured above) plays on enormous gallery walls and quiet corners.  I want to brush my fingertips over all of them.

Mary Temple’s works are gorgeous, poignant, and delicate – in any light.  Mouse over the photos below for more information, and see more of her work at

Mary Temple, "Forest for the Sea"Mary Temple, "Extended Afternoon"Mary Temple, "Forest for the Sea""New Work," Mary Temple, Alyson Shotz, & Zilvinas Kempinas at SFMOMA


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